Exceed dental software

Among the various methods by which bite defects are corrected, one of the most effective experts consider the use of braces. They are fixed on each tooth and are subsequently worn during the entire treatment period. Of great importance for the success of treatment is the reliable and correct fastening of the locks of these structures.

Orthodontic 3d software provides the dentist with the ability to position bracket systems, determine their position using computer three-dimensional modeling. The brackets are then secured using an indirect fixation guard. The spread of 3D printers in almost every dental clinic makes it possible to produce a set of mouth guards on site. This approach allows clinics to save up to 70% on aligner laboratory costs. This latest technology is used to correct bite and other types of orthodontic treatment. Its main advantages are:

  • the location of the braces to the maximum extent meets the clinical case and the anatomical features of the patient;
  • braces are fixed as soon as possible;
  • by reducing the number of patient visits to the doctor provides additional convenience;
  • patients are motivated by using a digital 3D model with braces.

The effectiveness and speed of orthodontic treatment largely depends on the exact location of the braces. The Exceed software provides the following features:

  • computer calculation of the optimal positioning of the brackets selected by the doctor on the patient’s teeth in accordance with the prescription;
  • three-dimensional prediction of the final location of the patient’s teeth after the completion of treatment according to the prepared plan, taking into account the equipment used;
  • production of a two-layer high-quality kappa for indirect installation, which allows you to perfectly fix the braces in a computer-calculated position.
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